Dragon Healing was channeled by Very Reverend Mother Betty Reeves in seven sessions with her spirit guide Red Feather and the Chinese Master Chin Tzu during the winter of 1964-65. Reverends Rita Baker and Roberta Harris transcribed the sessions and kept a record of the secret symbols, attunements and teaching materials for each grade.

From what we know of the author of this channeled material, Chin Tzu was a Chinese Tao master with great healing abilities. He taught his students a form of healing called the Path of the Dragon Energy or The Path of the Healing Dragon. It is these teachings which are the basis of the current incarnation of the teachings known as the Path of the Healing Dragon.

It is very difficult to ascertain the time during which Chin Tzu lived and taught the Path of the Healing Dragon to his students. The best approximation we have is 917 to 988 B.C. During the channeling sessions Chin Tzu told those present that the Path of the Healing Dragon was over 1000 years old when his master taught him the techniques. He claimed the Path of the Healing Dragon still maintains a presence in modern China.

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